Cables for stage and studio

Unbalanced Gtr/bas cable for stage and studio robust textile jacket in vintage styling. Colour black/white/gold & black/blue switchcraft & neutrik connecters



Just as collectors of old guitar technology they can‘t get rid of anything. Now these Classic Freaks can buy just the right cable:

The Voxphonia vintage guitar cable looks old, but the technology is new and unused. The core is made up of an inside lead with a diameter of 0.50 mm², consisting of 28 individual fine copper litz, ensuring untainted musical pleasure across lengths of 20 m often considered a problem by spoiled musicians. The cable is rounded off by a thick insulation of foamed and lacquered PE and dense, tin-plated copper braiding. Eye-catching is the additional fabric coating giving the Voxphonia vintage guitar cable the necessary styling.



Robust textile jacket in vintage styling

Very low capacity and double shielding made of copper braiding + semiconductor

Easy to wind


High-end guitar and instrument cable with vintage sound and styling

Prise 300,- and 350,- Danice kr









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