Miriam Abigail

Trouble Enough


Release date.01.10.2012

Left My Heart


Release date.01.08.2012



Release date.01.07.2012

I`ve Got A Song


Release date.01.06.2012

Daddy Why


Release date.01.05.2012


Compilation. Label: Alternative Tunes.

Release date.21.09.2012

Trouble Enough

Compilation Label: Rock Pop Camp.

Release date.14.12.2012


Compilation Label: Choooose Records NewYork

Release date. 15.04.2016

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Miriam Abigail is a young singer/songwriter who, since she was a little girl, has had the need to play, sing, dance and express herself through her biggest passion – music.

She started playing the piano at music shool when she was 8 and started writing her own songs at the age of 15.

She played the piano and sang choir in a funky school-band with some friends on her highschool when she was 16-18 years old. The guitarist of the band Lasse Underbjerg (who also plays the guitar on this first album) and Miriam were also booked to play at several events, where Miriam sang the lead vocal accompanied by Lasse on acoustic guitar.

After highschool Miriam went to Den Rytmiske Højskole in Vig (Sealand – Denmark) to practice her voice with help from a singing teacher and to write more songs. Singing was now the most important thing in her life and she didn't want to do anything else.

The part-time teacher and producer Troels Nyborg noticed her voice with much appreciation in one of the studios at the school, and in the end of the school year he offered her a contract. She signed happily.

Miriam loves many kinds of music and hopefully it is easy to hear that she doesn't just write music in one genre, but tries to mix a little bit of all her music-inspirations into her own type of genre.

She played classical piano for 8 years and the inspiration of classical music is something she often uses when she writes her songs by the piano. Especially when she writes an intro for a new song.

In the funk-band at the highschool she wrote a lot of funky rhythms and melodies and she managed to write a very successful reggae-song that the band played at the end of the last school-year.

The inspiration of funk is important for my music because I like a groovy bass and a catchy beat in a song – it makes you remember it, I think” says Miriam.

Miriam’s parents are much into jazz and since Miriam was 6 years old they took her to a jazzclub in Hobro (a little town in Jutland - Denmark) where she listened to many great singers and musicians. Her favorite jazz-singer is Swedish and named Lisa Ekdahl.

I just love that little sweet voice she’s got - but at the same time I also love rusty rock'n'roll voices like Beth Hart, Anouk, Sheryl Crow, ‘Kira and the Kindred Spirits’..” says Miriam.

In her music Miriam tries very much to mix her own soft voice with the raw and dry voice she has also got. But as she says: “It's difficult and I practice a lot, but when I get it right I just love the effect – hopefully you'll like it too”.

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