The Recording Studio

Voxphonia Records have there own recording studio inside the facility, the recording studio is based around at 32 Channel Analog inline-mixer with VCA automation, 8 bus routing and 8 subgroups, it is connected to Pro Tools 9 and a Tascam MS16. A 16 track analog tape machine running 15 Ips with DBX 1 noise reduction, all the mixing i done on the mixer together with the outboard equipment in the rack. Pro Tools is used mostly as and editor. The facility includes 2 studios and a vocal box plus one control-room with regulated acoustics. A total of 68 Channels can be mixed down to stereo and 14 channels with analog compression if necessary.




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The Recording Engineer

The recording engineer / producer is educated at the prestigious School of Audio Engineering (SAE) Located i Stockholm and around the world, he is a member of the SAE ALUMNI Association.

And have also received classical training on piano from teachers from the The Royal Danish Academy of Music,

he have been working with recording classical stereophonic recordings,

rhythmical multi track recording, scoring for films, mastering. T N have also been working as a consult in studio design and installation.

Sins 1995

The Recording Equipment

Audio Development PICO + 045 6-2 (Whig end on location Mixer for Classical and Jazz.
Tascam M3700 32-8-2 VCA Automation ( 32 Channel inline can mix 68 Channels wind total
Ackuset Dyna stereo 8-2 (Vintage 8 channel from Sweden)


ADAM P33A 3x100Watt Classe D. Active monitor

Tannoy S-800 (Classic monitor)

Phonic P8A 320 watts active monitor

Infinity Cappa 6 Reference fore mastering

Monitor Amps
QUAD 33 (Classic reference amp from Peter Walker 1967

LD PA400 (Adam Hal)

Hafler 400

Microphone Condenser large diaphragm:

Milab Embla. Match pair from the Milab Laboratory in Helsingborg for stereophonic recordings

BPM CR 73 Cardioids and Omni (Berlin)

Sontronice STC 2 Cardiode + pad+ rool+off

SE 2000 Cardiode + pad+ rool+off

Marroom MT100 Tube Microphone 9 diffrent carastitics

Tube Mic old homemade,

Microphone Small diaphrame:

Superlux Pro 268B x 2

Superlux HI 10


Pearl RD 34

AKG D1000 x 2

Sennhieser 421n x 1

Sennhieser MD407

B&O 11 Omni x 1

Shure SM58 x 1

Shure PG 52 x 1

Shure PG 56 x 3

Superlux Pro218A x 1

Superlux Pro228A x 3

Superlux Pra288A x 1

Harddisk recorders
AKAI DR4s HD 4 Spors Hard disk optager
FOSTEX PD 80 HD 8 spors optager (live optagelser) x 2

Tape recorders

TASCAM OB48 8 spors 8 spors analog 1/2” Tape

TASCAM MS-16 16 spors analog 1” Tape with DBX 1 noise reduction. Runs on RMG 911 Studio Master Tape.

Denon DR- M4 Casette recorder dual capstan with tre heads Dolby B and C.


TLAudio EQ1 tube equaliser + tube mic preamp. + tube Di

TLAudio CRISON 3013 Parametric with Mic preamp and DI.

TLAudio5021 Tube kompressor 2 x mono or stereo with DI.

SMAudio OC8 8 Channels optical kompressor mostly for drums

Drawmer MX30 known kompresser with to tresholds and limiter + gate 2 x mono or stereo

Bellari RP282 2 channel tube compressor


IMAC 24” 2.4 Ghz intel core 2. 4 GB Ram
MAC G5 Dual 1.8 GHZ 2 GB Ram

Hardiske Firewire og usb

FireWire HD Maxtor one touce 250 GB
USB Maxtor 120 GB
USB North Q 100 GB

USB Iomega 1.5 TB

CD / DVD Brænder
Phillips CDRW 2400

Pioneer DVD RW 106D

Audio interface
M- Audio 2626 Firewire 26 x 24 bit 192 kHz ADDA

Beringer ADA8000 x 2

Pro Tools 9
DSP Quattro for Mastering and PQ cods. etc

Melodyne Editor

Izotobe OZONE 5 mostly for Mastering

DVD Studio PRO 6 for DVD Authoring

DA Convertere stereo

Cambridge Audio DAC 1 ( Mastering )
Mission DAC 5 ( Hign End )

Effekt processors

Digitech Studio Vocalist x1

Lexicon LXP-1 x 2

Sony DPS-V55M x 1

Alesis Midiverb 4 x 2

Roland SDE 2500 x 1


Grado Labs SR 80 x 1

Bayer DT 100 x 1

Phillips SHP 2000 x 2

AKG K77 x 2

Micphone Preamps

Tube-Tech MP1A

TLA 3013 Transister

TLA Dual Valve preamp

Other studio equipment.

Moses&Mitchell bantam patch bays x 4

Millenium DI 210 Aktiv Linedriver x 1

Tascam ES-61 Editor Film/Video/ sync

Tascan ES-60 Synchronizer 24/25 fps to drop frame.

Acustic regulations Troldtex absorbers mm

Atlas sv36 microphone studio boom

Instrument and amps

Yamaha piano p 114 upright

Yamaha Stage piano P 80

Korg DV 6000 synt

Trace Elliot Commado 15 Bas combo ( Made in United Kingdom )

York Bascombo. Made in Canada

Polytone 104 Guitar combo( Made in Hollywood )

Fender combo G- DEC 30

Enrique Keller T - 2 Acusic Classic guitar

DB Les Poul Gold top with P90 pick ups

Fender Jazz Master (Made in USA)

Yamaha/Premier Drums (Made in United Kingdom )

Bas drum 22”

Snare 16” Yamaha

Snare Remo 16” Quadura ( Made in USA )

Tom Tom 10”

Tom Tom 16”

Floor Tom 14”

Evans Coated skind G 1

Remo Weatherking Ambasserdor Coated skind